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No matter if you have dreams of a Tom and Katie wedding in a castle or a Kenny and Renee wedding on the beach, a destination wedding is something that is truly a special event. You might even be planning one yourself for your big day.

But, aren’t they expensive? Well, surprise, surprise – they aren’t as expensive as you might think! A destination wedding is becoming more and more popular throughout the United States and Europe, and more resorts all over the world are getting in on the action.

Dream of getting married over a Tahitian island lagoon? How about a snow swept castle in the heart of Europe? You can do it with the right planning. So, to help you plan the perfect destination wedding, we have a few tips and ideas to ensure that you get the best results possible:

1.Hire a destination wedding specialist or coordinator. Make sure that they have done destination weddings before in the region that you are considering. This person can help you plan out all the details that you know of, and all of the ones that you don’t. There is so much that needs to be done to have a great destination wedding that it can get overwhelming, and having a destination wedding coordinator can be a great asset to you.

2.Make sure that you or the destination wedding coordinator checks into the requirements for the country that you will be getting married in. Some require that you be a resident, so you might have to stay for a week or two before you can get married legally there. Others might require that all the documents be translated into their language. Knowing what the requirements are will help you to be prepared before the big day arrives.

3.If you plan to get married on a cruise ship, be sure to check with the cruise line for any special requirements that they might have and what paperwork you will need to be sure that your marriage is legal there as well.

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4.When you are planning a destination wedding, be sure that you continuously check with the resort or hotel to confirm your reservations there. From six months out, you should check at least every three weeks, and the month before, it is not unheard of to check each week to ensure that your room(s) are still reserved when you plan to be there.

5.Make sure that you have everything paid for well in advance. Be sure that you know what currency you will need to pay the vendors with. (Your destination wedding coordinator can help you with this as well.)

6.Before you head to the airport to take off on your fantastic adventure, be sure that you know all the rules and regulations for the airports that you will be traveling to. You can check on the Internet to find the current rules and regulations for the United States at www.tsa.gov. There are also links here to other countries that you might be traveling to.

Overall, just make sure that you are completely prepared before you board the plane or boat to your destination wedding. A great destination wedding coordinator should be able to plan everything out for you and have a list of vendors and payments that you need to take care of. So, relax, have fun, and enjoy your destination wedding, no matter where you go!