Cheap Wedding Music Ideas

wedding music

If you do want live music playing at your wedding, perhaps you have a talented friend or relative who could oblige. If not, then you could check your local college or university for music students – this should be a lot cheaper than paying for professional musicians and yet you should still have beautiful music playing at your wedding.

If you are having a civil ceremony and you would like to have classical music playing, look out for the free compilation CD’s which come with Sunday newspapers. They often have many of the most popular classical songs on them which you could use.

For your evening ‘do you may like to have a DJ who will provide all the equipment (lights, music etc), or you may prefer to use a local band or orchestra.

Be very clear about exactly the sort of music which you would like them to play, discuss playlists and tell them if there are any songs in particular you really don’t want to hear! The more people involved in the band or orchestra then probably the more expensive the cost will be.

Use an MP3 player / iPod to provide your own cheap wedding music

As an alternative you may be able to provide all your own wedding music either by playing CD’s through the venues own system, or by using your MP3 or iPod player with the help of an amplifier.

This would obviously be the cheapest option though you may have some download costs to consider to make sure you have all the songs you would like to play at your wedding.

If you don’t have an MP3 player or iPod perhaps someone can lend you one. And finally, ensure you have someone who is technically savvy enough to be in charge of the music on the day for you.

Use either a trusted friend or relative or perhaps if you are using the venue’s sound system one of their members of staff may take care of this for you.

When choosing the music for your first dance consider songs which are special to both of you. Remember to check the lyrics to make sure the lovely melody isn’t overshadowed by someone singing about breaking up!

Consider as well how you intend to dance. Will you just do a bit of a shuffle or perhaps you might like to learn how to waltz for your first dance as husband and wife. Most dance schools would probably be able to teach you the basics in just a couple of lessons.

More and more couples are choosing to put together a bit of a dance routine to entertain their guests. Don’t do this if it will make either of you feel uncomfortable, but if you really fancy this idea maybe you have a friend or relative who is a whizz on the dance floor who will help you choreograph your chosen number.

Check out for the best ideas of wedding music you may like to use (switch your speakers on and listen to the samples) They also sell wedding CD’s or packages which you can buy and download to your MP3 or iPod player. Fabulous resource.