Man Made Simulated Diamonds Beautiful and Flawless

syntheic diamondsOwning a diamond is every girl’s dream and marks an important stage in her maturity, an engagement, marriage or special birthday, with its unique grace and beauty. The dream is now closer to fulfillment for millions who believed it could never come true.

New technology in the production of man made diamonds – yes, they are real diamonds and bear the certification to prove it has reduced the costs of owning these exquisite stones by up to 30%, making the dream a reality.

How do Man Made Simulated Diamonds Compare to Mined Stones?

Very well, actually. It is impossible to tell the difference between the two without sophisticated equipment and a qualified examiner. They are that good.

Some legal issues have been raised where man made diamonds have been mistaken by experts from mined stones, as they share the same Refractive Index, hardness and dispersion of light.

The biggest difference is seen in the measurements of quality of man made diamonds. The highest grading a diamond can merit is the, “Flawless” category. Most man made diamonds fall into this category.

They tend to be more perfect, because of the carefully controlled environments in which they must be grown, so more brilliant and enchanting to the eye.

The Gemological Institute of America Certifies Synthetic Man Made Diamonds as the “Real Thing”

In 2007, the Gemological Institute of America made the decision that man made diamonds could be certified and graded, just like mined stones, a milestone for artificial diamonds.

As you can see in this blogger’s review of a lab grown diamond, they can be beautiful and look as good as the real thing.

Fashion Houses Adopt Colored Man Made Simulated Diamonds

Recent years have brought colored diamonds into the spotlight as the ultimate fashion accessory. Celebrities traversing the red carpet flash beautiful jewelry featuring stones in shades that compliment the designer dresses they wear.

Before colored diamonds were created specially under laboratory conditions to produce exact shades and tones, this special class of diamond was available only to those who could afford to pay the very large price tag. Modern jewelry stores offers hybrid simulated diamonds in a rainbow variety of colors.

Preparation of Man Made Simulated Diamonds

Just as mined stones are carefully cut, polished and set, man made diamonds undergo the same process, but first they are grown from a crystal seed, under very carefully controlled conditions, in special facilities to ensure perfection in each and every simulated diamond.

Synthetic diamonds are then evaluated by the traditional master diamond cutters in Israel, who have benefited from skills passed down over hundreds of years by experienced craftsmen in family centered and owned firms.

Ethical Considerations over Buying Mined Stones

Sine the recent film, “Blood Diamond” went on general release, a small, but growing parentage of diamond owners have felt and expressed some unease about the conditions experienced by mining employees.

Other questions raised by consumers who are daily growing more conscious of the sources of all that they buy involve the cost to local environments where millions of tons of earth can be removed in mining procedures.

Mined stones are also the unwitting tools of unscrupulous politicians in developing countries such as parts of Africa, where Amnesty International estimates up to 4 million persons have lost their lives in disputes over smuggled stones funding this or that political faction.

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A Few Last Words about Man Made Simulated Diamonds

As the general public learns more about these wonderful diamonds that can satisfy the dreams of so many more than expensive, but visually and materially identical mined stones, possessing a diamond for the first time will remain a very special memory. We hope we will be there to share that special moment with you.