What To Look For In a Wedding Party Venue

wedding party

Most brides have a problem choosing the place to hold their wedding reception. The main reason could be availability, as well as the price tag on some locations. Other reasons could be that the venue isn’t appropriate for the kind of party you have in mind, or that it lacks a certain charm brides are going after.

But brides have to be practical, even if they are working on creating a perfect wedding day. Reception halls don’t have to be expensive or lavishly decorated; it should reflect the personality of the newlywed couple.

Designing a bare venue will prove to be more expensive, and time consuming. A place with readily available decorations will be more cost effective, because you don’t have to buy ribbons or fabrics to match your wedding motif. Tables and chairs should also be available at the venue you are considering. Renting will give a bride more headache than choosing her wedding dress.

If you are planning a Spring wedding and would like to have the reception outdoors; make sure that the garden is well kept. Insects and other pests might cause trouble for you and your guests; especially if you are in the midst of having a wonderful meal. Prepare the place for sudden downpour. A tent over the buffet table will go a long way. If it’s too hot in the day, umbrellas over tables is also a good idea.

For Christmas brides, make sure that the hall is equipped with a heating system. Even if you have hundreds of guests, it might become chilly particularly if it’s below zero outside. Those who are opting for a Summer wedding on the other hand should make sure that the area is well ventilated, and has enough air conditioning units to support 100 or more breathing guests.

Lighting is also another factor to consider specifically if the wedding will be held in the late afternoon. The party will most likely last all throughout the night, and you don’t want your guests stumbling over chairs. A big chandelier isn’t enough to light a room of about 50 sq meters; so make arrangements for the venue to be provided with other sources of lighting. For outdoor weddings, foot paths should be lighted especially the way towards the comfort rooms.

Powder rooms are essential. Two stalls and a single mirror will create a long queue outside the bathrooms. The cleanliness of this facility should also be taken into consideration, as most of your guests will be taking two or more trips to relieve themselves. A well ventilated bathroom should also be considered.

Although looks can be quite deceiving, brides should go with their guts. If the price is right and the venue doesn’t need an overhaul; it should be enough. If, on the other hand, you have a deep pocket; hotels and popular wedding halls should be on top of your list. These come with trained staff and you need not worry so much about the comfort of your guests.